Friday, March 30, 2012

10 things i like about being an ofw

i haven't been close to any ofw other than pinoy so i really cannot speak about them. so the list below is so far the top reasons why i like about being an ofw. some are from personal experiences and opinon and some are based on observations, readings and wall status in facebook.

reasons why filipinos leave their family back home are endless and come in a lot of variations depending on the personal background and current financial status of the ofw. and mostly the reasons come in tragic and dramatic form including mine. i don't mean to ridicule. no intention at all.

looking at the bright side of life, being an ofw is not bad after all. whether you come in the foreign land alone, with your family, you're single or married, male, female - it doesn't matter.

the list is in random order and doesn't follow any hierarchy or anything. here we go...

  1. you get to buy things (imforted) at a certain amount which will not give you the purchasing power in pinas to do so. meaning? say, ung 50sgd mo dito can buy you a lot of things from toiletries to clothing. sa pinas pag converted na ung 50sgd mo, can buy the same quantity or things of the same purpose cguro but not the same brand. otherwise, it would cost even your food budget at home. korek?
  2. you get to see the tourist spots whenever you pleases. no need to hurry. chillax!
  3. i miss my kids so much. as in. so ano ang motivation ko para hindi ko ako mamamatay ngaun pa lang na naiisip ko sila? i make myself realize i am miles away working for them but i have all the time for myself. i read articles, blog, jog, sleep till my back aches lying on bed, play...
  4. been to 3 countries. so far, the worst traffic jam situation award still goes to pinas. nung umuwi ako, i felt like wasting a portion of my life being stucked in edsa. dito sa sg, figuratively speaking no sweat ang pagpasok sa office. less than 30 minutes andon na ako by bus. bottomline, you have a chance to experience things or developments you wish meron sa pinas in terms of transportation and structures.
  5. walang corrupt na government, mabagal na proseso, nagmamaganda at nagmamarunong na mga govt employees. dito sa sg, kaka-forward pa lang ng papers mo sa isang counter, tatawagin ka na before ka pa makaupo. at least from my own experience huh.
  6. walang pipilit o pipigil sa manner mo ng pagkain. kung gusto mo magpakamatay sa pagpapayat ayos lang, walang kokontra.
  7. napa-praktis ko ang skill of walking ko. walang tricycle e, walang jeep at walang bus na pwedeng mong ipara sa tapat ng pinto mo.
  8. i feel humble at the same time confident being a foreigner working in a foreign land
  9. lumalawak ang pangarap mo para sa sarili at pamilya mo at nagkakaroon ka ng pag asa na makatulong sa mga hampas lupa mong kamag-anak. lol. joke lang po. baka magawi dito mga famangkin ko. :)
  10. may chance na madala mo mudra, ang house husband at mga junakis mo sa foreign land at maka experience sila ng airplane. chipangga! ganon talaga te gusto nila.
ayon lang po. brighter side of life na ok nang pang-motivate but not necessarily can replace every memorable moments with the family. 


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