Wednesday, March 14, 2012

childhood dream

if i can bring my shower to the stage, guess i would stand a chance for american idol. lol! it was always my dream to be an entertainer. remember emulating vilma santos hosting styles including "i love you lucky". bwahahaha. then mudra would coach me singing "yellow ribbon" - whoa, that was where my progress as an entertaniner stopped.

i said i would hibernate and stop blogging etc but can't help it. oh well. i don't spend too much thinking what to blog anyway so i guess it's no harm letting my thoughts flow.

was chatting with family last night while searching for songs aside from "somebody that i used to love" and "cameo lover" to listen to. thought i might listen to jessica sanchez again coz heard from bff that she used to be a contender in america's got talent.

got to listen to her sings. talent she has that but for me, not an "american idol"-ish talent. you know what i mean? can't help comparing her to my all time fave kelly clarkson who has the "it" but then can also belt and etc.

then i discovered the best singer of all time!

then i found this. unbelievable funny. :)

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