Saturday, March 10, 2012

confused about everthing

was searching the net for the synonym of someone with a lot or full of ideas and came to nowhere. so how i got idea overload but then i had to change to confused about everything coz that's how i am today.

woke up @ 9am today feeling that same chest pain again. somewhere up the rib cage and almost at the center of my chest.

checked my phone and heck i need to write on to my blog. got these ideas overflowing and i feel the need to write them down altogether but how should i start?

it would be about my weird dream, my plans, the senate hearing progress, american idol, jessica sanchez, design for the dream house, my debts and then i saw the pic shared in fb about a street name in GA. felt elated.

but how could life be so great and mean at the same time? i was kinda feeling weird since pudra's birthday. i know i can cry with no reason at all - anywhere but it was the deepest of me crying - not just my eyes.

might be suffering from serious mental problem or so that i twitched and got scared at the same time. that can't happen to me. still lots (i mean really lot) of life repairs to do and my mission in life hasn't even started yet.

should read about mid-life crisis. this might be it.

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