Sunday, April 1, 2012

guilty Pleasures

hay patawarin nyo na ako. IKR like i know right dapat magtipid. 

i was still in college when i bought my last giordano shirt. i was always a collector coz maganda tela saka usong uso dati. but i still love 'em. my very first branded purchase was an esprit navy blue polo shirt for 19sgd. was priced @ 39sgd before. ok na davah?!

then as mentioned i was in the lucky plaza yesterday to attend the financial coaching eklavu (will hold the post for this as i need to conceptualize, naks!) then as i was walking towards mrt, nakita ko ang most sought garment color ko since i came here - green! not the boring or corny green but i like the way it was greened and the design. but the sales lady told me it was for 19sgd each but if i will buy 3 pieces, it will only costs me 10.90/each.

so how come i have 2 shirts?

i convinced one pinoy stranger looking around the giordano store to buy. i was only intending to buy the green shirt but to be fair to him coz he was holding 2 shirts already that i assumed he'd buy, i bought the yellow one. as i was paying the shirts, he added one more to his puchase. technically, he didn't need me anymore to get the discount so i ran immediately after paying and thanked the guy. 

ang saya saya!

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