Thursday, March 29, 2012

quote #5 (not sure)

when junakis 1 confirmed he will not receive any medal at school and that his exams were below the normal scores he was getting before, i grumbled, panicked and nagged - endlessly for days.

then we came upon a very good motto and or quotation for both of us related to failing and trying again:

pag nadapa, bumangon agad, magpagpag ng duming kumapit at magpatuloy sa paglakad

when you stumbled, get up at once, shake the dust, move on and continue walking.


there's no single person in this world who hasn't experience any difficulty in life - rich or poor individuals. we face our own challenges and failures. there's nothing wrong with failing. it only gets worse when that person dwells too much on the failure itself, blames himself and/or other people and quits to move on or try again.

lesson here is if along the way, everything doesn't work out well, learn the lesson, forgive yourself and do not give up. never get tired of trying and moving on. up there, He's looking after us and will reward all our hardships.

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