Friday, March 2, 2012

this means war

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been hearing about this movie being shown here in SG sometime in Jan and early Feb. been hearing reeese's line over the radio:

"i can't believe i am dating two gorgeous men" and gorgeous they were in the movie. love them.

as long as the comedy movie can make me laugh without self effort, was for me really funny. this movie is unbelievably hilarious from start to finish. 

we all know the story plot but i wasn't expectant of how reese's character was used in the movie. "she" was there but the movie wasn't all about her.

love the movie quotes too especially this one "Trish: Don't choose the better man, choose the man who makes you a better woman"

for those who want to be entertained and just have a good laugh, see this movie.

good night.

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