Saturday, April 7, 2012

concentrating on constipation

success...pinaka masarab na pag ebs ko to dito sa sg pero painful. for the pers time, nag constipate ako kung kelan ako nag cut down ng rice. hmmmmm...baket kaya?! feeling ko, magkaka spider-web na din sa cr kanina at uugatin na din ako just like in the pitsur.

ewww....the topic both gross and personal. i mean not every body declare in a public speech that he or she is having a "hard" time releasing the "poop" right?!


but this thing doesn't happen to me only - impak, a lot of people are constipated. based on my research (google), in US alone, 1 out of 5 suffers constipation and that:
"Constipation was a diagnosis or reason for seeking care in an estimated 5.7 million ambulatory visits and was the primary diagnosis or reason for 2.7 million of those visits. Of these visits, 1,838,493 were outpatient physician, 297,927 were outpatient hospital, and 555,432 were emergency department. Constipation was the primary diagnosis in 38,361 additional inpatient visits. Total cost was dollar 235 million per year, with 55% incurred from inpatient care and 23%, 16%, and 6% from ED, outpatient physician, and outpatient hospital settings, respectively"
see. milyones ang hirap umebs for a lot of reason. let's see alin dito ang sa akin. gamitin natin ang fink na ballpen pang check.

  1. Lack in fiber - check
  2. Physically inactive -  check 
  3. Drugs - ???
  4. Milk - ???
  5. Pregnancy - ???
  6. Aging - ???
  7. Change in routine - ???
  8. Overuse of laxatives - ???
  9. Procastination - check
  10. Do not drink enough water -  check
  11. Tumor / Cancer in colon - ???
ang good news naman ay there are a lot of ways to resolve the problem. counter-attack lang nung mga lists ng cause ng constipation.

ciao, mag update pa ako ng iba kong blog. :)

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