Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i love quitters too

i was on my way to work - impak, kakaliwa na lang ako jan ay malapit na ako sa aking bread and butter as in few steps na lang. so?! sabi ni ate. may mapag usapan lang.

well, as i was saying, kakaliwa na lang sana ako when this billboard captured my interest on my passing. too bad you cannot read the smaller phrases below saying something nice further. i love the heading too - about friendship!

but the phrase below was the one that was catchy - "singapore loves quitter". nice one. 

it is in a rare circumstances that a quitter is being loved. i've a read a lot about giving up and not giving up, holding on, etc - all about clinging to that "one" thing.

but smoking. quitting is the best thing that ever happened to me in singapore so far. "it" being an expensive lifestyle here is one of the factors but later on i realized, i wanted to quit because this time i really want to quit. kung ayaw mo talaga, ayaw mo na. wag ka ng maghanap ng achu-chu-chu.

smoking is not something you are born with. the lack of it is not something that will cause your death. impak, baka yan pa ikamatay mo pag di ka tumigil. har,har,har.

too bad nako-convince pa din akong mag try pag libre. don't ask the obvious.

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