Sunday, April 29, 2012

dream watch

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Talking about delayed gratification.

Okay, I lost my battle with my own self. Next time, when it is payday, do not go to the mall. Saw this watch and told myself I deserve some reward after all. Only to feel guilty afterwards.

There are few lessons here:
  1. No one knows yourself but only you. No matter how wide reader you are about a lot of stuff it would still be useless if the lesson learned is not apply. If you know you cannot control yourself, do not hit the shopping malls when you are stucked with money that you know is intended for some more valuable things.
  2. When you decide on some thing, be sure to be happy about it.
I do not need the watch. I was just lured by the 20% off the price but surely I can be happy about it since I decided to buy it. A gift to myself but then since I sacrificed some necessities and debts to be paid, I should also give myself some punishment.

Goodbye iced lemon tea for the meantime. Should tight my budget a little bit more.

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