Friday, May 11, 2012

late mother's day post

this made my heart bleed and my eyes popped like a frog when i first saw this image. the boy is an orphan who wanted to be with her mother but cannot so just drew her on the floor and slept beside her.

knowing how addicted my kids to playing video as evident by our daily encounter during skyp-ing, i know deep inside them are orphans like that boy in that picture. yeah, sabihin mo naman feelingera ka te, malay mo naman hindi. baka naman wala lang sa mga anak mo na wala ka don.

being mother-less is not nothing, okay.

before they learned that chun-li kicks that high but cannot hide her undies, my junakis' were inside my tummy whom my strength was his strength, my emotions were his. get it?! we were one before. separated by my idealistic motives of "i am doing this for my kid".

come on. i should act early. i can never be an ofw for a long time. there should be plan b if there was ever a plan a.

plan then act on it. i don't i can be that heartless for a long time. my kids need to be with me. otherwise, i will be with them.

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