Friday, May 18, 2012

to do's

i have taken my in-lieu off today for the vesak day last May 5. tambak tambak ang aking for filing sa steel cabinet, why on earth i took a leave?

a. forfeited sya kapag hindi ko na-take within May
b. i need to catch up with my sleeping. not that i was not sleeping, i just lack sleep since i got this laptop (my new bff!)
c. gusto ko e.

enuf said. so i will have my long week-end (techinically 2 days na lang kase as of this writing, patapos na ang aking leave). and what worthy things can i do with it?
  • update my five blogs. believe me, with only this, i can consume my entire week.
  • start with the financial plan
  • start with the business plan
  • start on hard aerobic exercise.
see, i don't know exactly understand why a lot of people like my self indulge with crying, some resort to drinking, take drugs or have to spend a lot of money to kill time.

there are a lot of things out there and in there (internet) that you can read, research, ponder, experiment and so on to kill time.

till next post mga ka-emote.

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