Saturday, June 30, 2012

devirginized by the amazingly amazing spiderman

heard andrew garfield was wearing nothing underneath his spidey costume. so that   made me really thrilled. i was imagining to see dakota harrizon swinging around the city that never sleeps.
excited was an understatement. i thought i was going to have my first heart attack even before i could watch one of my most awaited movies.

and i must admit. this was my first time ever 3D movie experience so technically speaking, i was still virgin and only the amazing spiderman brought me such "oohhh" experience.

but to my disappointment, not even once the camera focused on dakota. hmpt. and i was not able to take a photo of me in the 3D specs. did i look goofy or something   on that? i don't know.

while my husband claims that tobey maguire was a better spidey, it was not a big deal since it is the character that we've grown to love watching and spending bloody time and money that we came for.

oh yes. we watched it at the same time. me here in singapore and he and the kids in sm north edsa quezon city philippines.

sorry guys, this is not a movie review. i am not in the capacity to give my unsolicited commentaries on the technicalities and depth of the movie.

my family and i just hit the cinema to have fun and be a kid like my children for once. 

and so we did.

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