Sunday, June 10, 2012

unthroned crown

credit to: impeachment update

better late than never.

blogging about the unthroned supreme court chief justice renato corona may seem to be late at this time. reason behind this was i dunno. probably just sick and tired of the political achu-achu in my beloved country. or i am just not the type of jumping into the bandwagon just to attract traffic to my site.

but i must say - yes justice had been watched this time. hopeful as i am that he won't be like the late angelo reyes who rather took his life than see from his own eyes the downfall of the once proud man.  cj corona as a significant man as he is, in my opinion, will not face a very harsh sentence than hospital or house arrest while media and other motivated political persona feast on his misfortune with the most intention of gaining attention from media for future political advancement. talking about motibo.

anyway, staying alive is the least that corona could do to repay the obvious cover up he was doing for the more monstrous  tiny little creature hiding behind the best costume play so far - wheel chair and neck brace!

in my opinion, repent is better late than never. and to do this, he must cleanse himself and sing the best song ever -  name of the culprit of government charade for the last few years who brought him into this:

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