Tuesday, July 10, 2012

dolphy quizon died @ 83 - paalam mang cosme!

this saddening news is not after all sudden but has been unhappily expected for the past few days already since the king of comedy was confined in the hospital for several weeks since June

the news that dolphy died due to multiple organ failure and pneumonia just a few hours (8:34 pm) ago came from zsa-zsa padilla who sent an sms to willie revillame while the latter show will time big time was still on air.

truly the showbiz industry will never be the same. he was our john purontong, mang kevin or mang cosme - depending on what generation you belong.

we shall be remembering the king of comedy who has been around the industry for a long time now.

i've grown watching his movies and most of all, home along da riles which not been there for the slack comedy alone but to give family and moral values.

rest in peace mang dolphy. i wish i had the chance to see you in person and shake your hands. lucky are the people who witnessed your greatness.

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