Friday, July 27, 2012

edward's love turned to twilight as he hunts snow white and the director's cheating dawned on him

of course not. rob has been silent all along since the cheating controversy spread in the news of all platforms - tv, internet and i bet even the radio. so do not mind this post's title. was just trying to connect the twilight saga movie titles. :)

when all the while we thought that Twilight love angle or love triangle for that matter is revolves around Edward, Bella and Jacob, Jacob is actually not part of the picture.

my apologies for the bad picture editing - amateur here.

when this news became part of yahoo's headline, i am sure not only myself is shedding tears. a lot of fans probably are - and the number 1 fan in the family is my beloved niece who thinks herself is the personification of bella swan.

when the movie made it to the blockbuster, fans and critics alike are seeing that reel thing of these two hot items (bella and edward) will become real.

and yes it did.

but the world did not see that the love triangle will likewise become real - this time not with Jacob my love but none other than the snow white and the huntsmen director rupert sanders.

Stewart and Sanders
credit to
there is no denying - i do not think anyone of them has denied. the photos taken on july 17 captured the truth and the truth spoke so clearly to the public.

and so with that, the two - kristen and rupert - so guilt-stricken made their public pieces.

has anyone been convinced of the apologies? i will leave that to them. for me, not only this is damaging to the promotion of the sequel of eclipse to be shown this nov 2012 but moreso on the people who all the while was trusting and loving.

the people they cheated on.

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