Saturday, July 7, 2012

tom cruise and katie holmes divorce

i simply do not care (not that they care also) whenever a showbiz couples came to finally call it quits. for a reason or two, some found their incompatibilities only after tying the knot. and some got married for movie promotion only. and yes, in some worst case scenario, divorce could be the best solution rather than staying in a marriage that meant to be a circus act.

tom cruise and katie holmes' marriage is not the very first couple to back out from the til death do us part thing. we can actually put a separate blog about showbiz couples who parted ways as friends and enemies alike after because the list can go on.
but what simply intriguing about tom and katie's divorce is the involvement of the church where tom is an active member. not that i care again, it is his personal affairs. :) but what could be "it" that had made katie wants to leave tom? i have read around the web that marrying tom was a childhood dream. yeah i read, may stalker daw and all, changing her name to kate...those are bullshit! i mean he is the tom cruise. 
looking at the picture, i firmly believe that the true reason behind the separation:

ay dahil gusto na ni katie magsuot ng high heeled shoes. sobrang miss na  yon which she cannot do while being married to tom.

what yah think huh?!

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