Monday, May 27, 2013

How To Lose Weight - Take 2, Action

 Today is my first day of one of the many million regimes on how to lose weight - again! I have searched and searched since time immemorial but only this one that I have read that made sense to me. For one, it's fast. Second, it doesn't suggest starvation. Third, it also involved work out. And most importantly, it's free! Yoko ko ngang me bayad at lalong ayoko na yung presyo ang magpapayat sa akin (I don't want to pay and more so let the price slims me down). 

As a backgrounder, let me share with you my monstrous pic before this regime as well as my irresistible vital statistics.

Age: 36 (oh yes ma-shonda na ko, e ano naman?!)
Height: Secret (ka height ko ang dating presidente)
Weight: Almost 60 kilos (oo na, I can hear you, I'm faaaaatttt!)
Vital Statistics: (drum roll please!)


But there's more,,,,

That measurement does not include my bulging tummy which is my main concern.

If you will let me wear a stripped yellow and orange costume, I will be the midget version of the infamous fast food chain in the Philippines.

Another drum roll please.

That's me folks!

Grabe noh?! My profile pic looks exactly the same with this one. Lols!

Anyway, please join me in my journey and hope fully something will happen out of this sacrifice. Before jumping into any regime, make your goal clear so you know what to achieve. Personally, i want to shed off those belt bag tummy, log-like arms and ultimately lose weight and fit to clothes that I really like.

That's all for now fans. :-p


  1. I also loosing weight right now, let's have a journey together! I have read that high intensity interval training for 30 mins is much better that jogging for more than 1 hour. Read about it! :)

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  2. hi. thank you for the tip! I have read that insanity training is also effective and fast. I will blog about once I tried.