Thursday, March 3, 2016

When The Training Turned Into Eating Marathon

I'm Oh I must say I love Shanghai! At first I was not feeling comfortably with how most of the people cannot speak english. So I was stuck with how am I gonna speak to them?! In the long run the journey turned out to be appreciation of the culture. I was here for merely two days but looking around, curiosity gets the best of me. The more I want to learn to speak Chinese! The environment seems lay back to me compared to Singapore. Yes most of the time you feel the danger (lol), the traffic, cars coming from every directions. But deep inside me, I feel drawn. And the best part is?!

Eating Chinse food in China. The food is just so great. I want to try everything! I must get my husband come along with me next time! Here are some of the food I feasted during my two days stay here!

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